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CHASA affiliates and members have had a very busy sport-shooting year. The association’s sport-shooting discipline has grown in leaps and bounds from humble beginnings in 2008, with seven events based on the primary baanskiet rule set, to a portfolio of some 22 shooting events in 2019.

The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) has a shooting discipline for every firearm enthusiast. This is evidenced
by the over 2 100 CHASA-registered Dedicated Sport Shooters as of September2019. This year’s results of the CHASA sport-shooting events show that some 2 700 members participated in at least one unique event. Some members only participated once, while others took part up to nine times a year in a single event type!
Our most popular events are still the long guns with the baanskiet centerfire event enjoying the most support, followed by the baanskiet rimfire event. Thereafter, the small firearms come into play, with the CHASA action pistol event strongly in third place. Not to be outdone, the shotgun events always draw a steady stream of entrants. There is something very addictive about the breaking of the orange clay!
With a simple and conservative analysis during CHASA league events, our sport shooters shot in excess of 120 000 rounds downrange in the year ending July 2019 – no mean feat, especially since it excludes all practice rounds!
During the course of 2019, the CHASA Sport Shoot Committee launched a further group of shooting events, including a bow event that is based on baanskiet targets, with the gongs being replaced by paper targets to mimic the gongs. This is a very challenging shoot and a sure way to grow bow-shooting participation among members.

Secondly, the CHASA dangerous-game event was launched. This was developed in conjunction with the CHASAaffiliate BASA (Big Bore Association of Southern Africa), although CHASA elements were added to the event to make it available to all CHASA affiliates. There is something special, almost ethereal, about looking at a buffalo through the sights of a big-bore rifle, with the buffalo looking back at you – even if it is a paper target.Thirdly, the CHASA plain-shooting event (vlakteskiet) was launched. This issure to get the excitement levels up as multiple targets are used – for example, the shottist is pre-sented with a springbuck and a jackal and must deal with both from prescribed positions. This event is suited to a plains setting with koppies and ridges where targets can be placed. Furthermore, CHASA has also revamped its ranking system to accommodate the new shoots and to make some improvements to the system.

Over the weekend of 24 September 2019, CHASA held the CHASA Multigun 2019 competition, hosted by Vrystaat Jagters in Bloemfontein and sponsored by Crown National and Buffel Outdoor. The 2019 event was made up of the CHASA baanskiet in centerfire and rimfire, plus a new entry in the form of the CHASA dangerous-game event. This was the first formal offering of the dangerous-game event, which proved a hit on the day. It was quite notable that the moment the beeper rang, all the strategies and planning fell by the wayside as very experienced big-bore shottists fumbled their rounds and ran out of the generous 90 seconds allowed for the event, and even shot on the wrong targets. Such is the intimidation factor of the “black death”. However, the junior team from Bosveld Jagters deserves credit for tackling the dangerous-game event with gusto and determination, posting a score that also beat some of the adult teams! Not to be outdone was the MacNab ladies team who performed equally well. Well done, Bosveld and MacNab!

Around 25 teams participated, with 100 shottists active on the day. This event alone saw 4 600 rounds going downrange.

At the September 2019 board meeting it was determined that the CHASA shooting calendar for 2020 will look as follows:
– 21 March – Vlakteskiet in Bloemfontein (Vrystaat Jagters)
– 9 May – Action pistol championships in Rustenburg (SA Field)
– 26 September – Multigun in Bloemfontein, consisting of baanskiet, 25 clay, and action pistol falling plate (Vry- staat Jagters)
– 24 October – Baanskiet interprovincial in Rustenburg (SA Field)
Get your planning together so that your teams are prepared for the 2020 sport-shooting calendar!

CHASA recently adopted the tagline “CHASA – Hunters who shoot! / CHASA – Jagters wat skiet!” Visit the CHASA website (www.chasa.co.za) and locate your nearest CHASA affiliate to see what all the excitement is about.

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